Better Bean swirl

9 Varieties. 100% Yum.

Our nine varieties have lots of delicious and nutritious things in common. Click on a tub to learn more about each Better Bean variety.

    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz, 3.25 oz, Organic 2.5 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz, 2.5 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz
    Available in: 10 oz, 15 oz
PDX Hummus
    Available in: 2.0 oz
PDX Hummus 2GO
    Available in: 2.0 oz

Our beans are not altered and contain no genetically modified ingredients. In fact, they’re certified by the Non-GMO Project, North America’s only independent verification. Our beans true to the farm, from the same varieties that have been eaten for thousands of years. Good for you, good for the world.

Better Beans are naturally gluten-free and are cooked in a facility just for beans, so there’s no chance of gluten contamination. We also test every batch. So go ahead, enjoy our beans with peace of mind!

While we honor this sister legume, we’re sad her cultivation has been corrupted. Soy is grown in the same fields as GMO corn and feeds the same industrial food system. What’s more, many people have soy allergies; Better Beans provide allergy-friendly, plant-based protein.

While we are a nut-loving family, we know not all families are. We keep our products and kitchen nut-free so that everyone can enjoy a Better Bean.

Better Beans are vegan! They’re cooked with vegetables, spices, salt, oil, and vinegar, instead of lard, chicken broth, or other animal products. We combine these vibrant, colorful, and naturally delicious ingredients into a good-for-you recipe families love.

Better Bean brings flavor to our beans with onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and other delicious spices. We don’t need much sodium for our beans to taste great. In fact, Better Beans have 1/3 the sodium of a typical canned bean.

The Dirty Dozen are the 12 most pesticide-laden foods on the market, foods that you should always buy organic. Peppers are on the list, so the ones we use are organic and free of pesky pesticides. Onions, on the other hand, are on the Clean 15 list with lower pesticide contamination.

We do three things to make our beans easy on your digestive system:

1. We use freshly grown beans. Beans become harder to cook and digest the older they get, so we cook them when they’re young.
2. We soak our beans. Soaking activates enzymes that make it easier for our bodies to digest all the wonderful nutrients beans have to offer.
3. We use ingredients that help ease bean digestion. Onions, garlic and cumin help – but the star ingredient? Apple cider vinegar, which breaks down indigestible sugars to help digestion.

We love our local, sourcing as much as possible from Washington and Idaho bean farmers. Learn more about sourcing by clicking the tubs.

The Better Bean tub is BPA-free, fully recyclable, freezable, and re-sealable! You can microwave the tub, however, we believe Better Beans are best cooked or sautéed in a pan.