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Loving your product…the beans are almost gone and we just bought them 2 days ago!

- Kim

I made Huevos Rancheros (Eggs on beans on tortilla – no salsa necessary as the beans were so tasty) with them this morning and they were delicious. I was ready to just start eating the cold beans out of the container. They are extraordinarily flavorful.

- Cynthia

Just wanted to write to tell you I LOVE YOUR BEANS! I love the Uncanny version. MMMMMMM

- Allison

I think I am seriously addicted to your uncanny refried black beans. They are so delicious and flavorful, I cannot get enough! I may need help.

- Tracy

I eat a gluten free vegan diet. I recently found out I have to severely limit the soy that I am consuming. There is not much left to eat, from a prepared food standpoint. I have been eating your various beans, several times a week, for the last several months. They are delicious, seasoned well, good for me, affordable, quick to prepare, and I never get sick of them!!! Thank you so much for making my very limited diet MUCH more enjoyable!


- Alicia

I LOVE your beans. Seriously, every morning when I wake up I eat scrambled eggs and spinach with a side of the refried black beans. I rarely get a lunch at work and it makes me full all day long. It’s great. There’s really nothing that comes close to how good your beans are and I can’t believe I’m not sick of them yet after eating them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’ve lost a fair amount of weight since starting to eat breakfast, which is awesome.

- Erin

I just wanted to reach out send an email saying do me a favor, Do not stop! Your beans are amazing! Unlike anything I have ever tasted. Could eat one a day easy. Thank you.

- Frank

Hello there –

This is very out of character for me to be writing an email to a company I know next to nothing about, let alone any company at all, but….

I absolutely LOVE your product. I’ve been buying the wholly chipotle bean dip from Whole Foods and I Just. Can’t. Get. Enough. Thanks for making such a scrumptious bean dip without a bunch of junk!


A Big Bean Fan 🙂

- Christie

I looooooooooooooooove them!!! Really, I can’t imagine how I managed without them.

- Jeannette

Thank you for creating such a great product. I purchased your beans to eat for lunch at work and just use a small amount each day.

- Stephen

We LOVE your beans!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we love your beans. Seriously, we eat them about 3 times a week. Delicious!

- Sara

We love your products. We have been buying them since back in the day when you sold them at Hollywood Farmer’s Market in those round tubs.

Our son loves the cuban black beans and eats them almost everyday

- JC

Far beyond one of the best companies, and best food products, I’ve ever encountered. You don’t have to be a bean lover to love these all-organic, home-recipe frijoles that come in 5 superb flavors. Gluten-free, dairy-free, unprocessed — creamy and full-flavored — the only thing that matches their quality is their company’s mission and business model. Supporting Better Beans is supporting better business: these folks are fair-trade, fair-wage, small biz tyros with a commitment to sustainability and accountability that shows goodwill matches and must make GOOD food.

- CJ

Help! Need your beans!

We lived in Portland, OR for one year and fell in love with your beans. We moved back to Milwaukee, WI last August and have been in withdrawal ever since. We do have a Whole Foods here, which I heard you are now in, but have not seen them here. Do you know where I can get your beans in Wisconsin??


Hopelessly in love with Better Beans…

- Punkaj

finally… great beans.

My wife and I have been customers since you rolled out. We were so glad to see a delicious alternative to the canned selections… lard, salt, additives, you name it….

Keep it up! Delic’!

- Gary

Please Help!

My mouth is on fire! I tried your delicious black beans, but even after mixing them with sour cream, they are hottttttt! I’m trying your Cuban beans tonight. I am looking for a natural and healthy, relatively low sodium bean to eat that isn’t from a can, like yours 🙂 I am so happy to have found your beans, please make some beans that can be eaten by us who weren’t raised on bottles of hot sauce.


The Cuban beans were delicious! 🙂

I was going to heat them to eat with my enchilada and rice, but they never made it to my plate! :O

I put a spoonful of them cold into my mouth, and then ate half of the container, teehee.

I asked my husband if he wanted to finish eating the container, and he asked me, “You ate them cold??” 😀

- Dee

Hello! I cannot remember the last time I felt this excited about discovering a new company and food product. Your quality beans definitely fill a niche I have been waiting for. I am a huge lover of refried beans and bean dips, but I was never satisfied with other pre-made bean dips I purchased in the grocery store. Today I tried the chipotle dip on some tortilla chips and the high quality is obvious! The texture is just the right balance of soft yet firm, and it possesses a depth of taste with a perfect amount of heat. I am so excited to try them with fried eggs and avocado in the morning (try frying the avocado too! warm and buttery smooth). And to try all the other flavors! Thank you so much for creating such a delicious, nutritious staple.

- Emily

Wow. Just wow.  Eating your Cuban-style beans right now and I love them.  I didn’t much care for re-fried beans because I had only tried the mediocre canned variety.  Thanks.  I will be sure to try all your varieties.

- Walt

I am addicted to your products. Keep them rolling!

- Kristopher

I tried your Cuban Black beans for the first time today and I have to tell you..they are wonderful! Fantastic flavor and texture! My family loves to do “taco Tuesday”  and we normally use canned refried beans but not any more! I am so happy to have found your products! Although the Cuban black beans are the only ones I’ve tried so far; I look forward to trying the other flavors as well!

- Cathy
I’ve been trying to submit some “Bean Love” to the contact form on your website but it keeps saying message failed.
However, I simply can’t NOT somehow let you know how much I love Better Beans and appreciate you all making them!! I’m a huge fan of the humble bean but never really thought, “Hmm, these could be even better”… until I found Better Bean. Now I’m sold and will find it tough to go back to anything else! My favorites so far are the refried red and uncanny refried black, but I can’t wait until more flavors show up in my area (Rock Hill, SC) – especially Tuscan! I’m a nutrition student studying to become a Registered Dietitian, so I know well the nutritious powerhouse that beans are, and I love even more that I can now recommend a delicious product like Better Bean to everyone!
Thanks again for making AWESOME food – you’ve got a fan for life in me!!
- Alexa

These are THE most delicious beans I have ever had! I tried the uncanny refried black beans. I hope I will always be able to find them! Thank you for such a wonderfully, delicious and healthy product.

- Gina

Thank you for taking beans to a new, yummy level!

- Janna

I spent time in Portland on two different occasions this summer and enjoyed Better Bean with my family. My grandkids consume it like candy.

- Jim

I am an avid bean enthusiast and a big fan of your products. I recently went vegan/GF and was in search of a good strong tasty power food that matches my dietary guidelines. Your creations help fill that role! Thank you for that.

- Ari

Your beans are THE BOMB!

- Liz

It is rare that I take the time to send a note like this but I want to express my excitement about your product.

I have been trained as a professional chef and while I do not currently work as a chef, I still take the time to make most of what I eat, from scratch.

I love beans and usually do not buy the prepared kind because I am typically disappointed. They are usually gluey, tasteless and salty.

While shopping at my local natural market, I saw your product on the shelf. I looked at the ingredient label and decided because I could pronounce everything and it wasn’t laced with an abundance of salt and sugar, I would give them a try.

I am very glad I did!! I cannot believe how flavorful they are. They taste like they have a lot of love in them.

I really hope my Community Natural Foods store continues to carry this product. I plan to try all the flavors very soon.

Thanks for making a truly great food product!

- Jane

I want to thank you for putting out a product that is not only healthy but has an incredible taste. This is so good to snack on, as it is filling and pure protein.

- David

The only other experience I can share with you about the beans is that we eat them all the time..for Bfast on top of eggs and cilantro, snacks with crackers, lunch in spelt tortillas with raw cheddar cheese and a little lettuce and for dinner mixed with kamut and quinoa noodles with a dusting of cheese. We are coming off a complete vegan diet for a medical reason and we are so thankful for your beans. They filled in for many health benefits and now that we are able to eat cheese again in our diets, the beans are even better! 🙂 So many things to do with them. I mix them with rice and spices and make bean burgers too. You would laugh if you saw our fridge. One whole SHELF is just Better Beans! We eat a ton of them and my husband now just grabs a tub and eats it with a plate needed anymore.

Thank you again and thank for making such yummy beans!


- Heidi & Family

When I was a girl, my dad brought home a giant bag of black beans – 10 lbs? 20 lbs? more? – and then spent what felt like days soaking the beans and concocting a vat of amazingly rich, delicious black beans. We ate them for weeks, they were utterly addictive, and I’ve spent my life since then searching for beans as tasty. Well, guess what? Your Cuban-Style Black Beans come as close as I’ve found. Soooo good!!! Thank you!!!

- Blysse

Obsessed with every bean flavor I’ve tried! Especially the refried black beans with habanero. You guys rock!

- Ashley

We support your values. The brightly colored tubs caught our eye. The ingredients appealed to us. Today, we prepared the Cuban black beans for lunch, just by heating it up, and putting it over cooked buckwheat groats and asparagus (from my CSA). It was delicious! We look forward to trying the other beans.

- Aveeya

You are the king of beans!

- Brian

I had weight loss surgery at the end of November and was on a clear liquid diet for 26 days after. I’m on a plant-based diet, so when we were allowed to transition to high protein soft foods, what else would I start with but beans? I could not WAIT to have some The Better Bean Company Rethought Red Beans! I used to make them in a taco salad, but just having them plain totally hit the spot. I get my beans at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op. Thanks guys!!!

- Done Being Big

Wow!!! New devoted customer. Found your Better Beans at Harmons in Ogden, Utah. WELL DONE!

- Betsy

I recently found your beans in our local market Hiller’s and I am obsessed with them. I have been eating them every day! Really, really good!

- Kiersten

Cuban black beans have been added to my grocery list! We used them on veggie tostado’s and last night tofu, black bean stir-fry. YUM!

- Sandy

I’ve been hooked onto Three Sisters. Thanks for coming out to Utah

- Moudi

So I tried the chili, scooping it up on tortilla chips… and I ended up finishing the whole thing in an hour! oops! Clearly it’s delicious.

- Adrienne

LOVE your products!

- Liza

Tried Wholly Chipotle a few days ago and it is finger-licking good!!

- Eco-Vegan Gal

Just finished a wonderful Saturday brunch with fried egg hobos, fresh salsa and Wholly Chipotle Beans from BBCO. Love those beans!

- Andrew

Your chili is the best I’ve ever had! Thank you for your wonderful creation!!!

- Kelly

omg! I love everything about you guys!!! I bought the chipotle dip on a whim because– no surprise here– the packaging caught my eye while looking at the hummus. Can’t wait to try the other kinds! I feel so good supporting a small company with wholesome values like yours

- Adrienne


- Lorraine

Your beans are really really good! Just tried them and absolutely agree…they are better!

- Emily

wow my son LOVES the beans!!

Hi my name is nisi apsel and im a single mom with the best boy he is 8 and we eat healthy no meat but eat organic but i dont know how to cook so getting healthy easy food is hard! We always wanted to try your Three Sisters chili but was worried how it would taste so i did not buy it. Well the other day we were at Whole Foods and there was a nice lady giving samples and i told her i always wanted to try the chili so she gave a sample it was good so i bought a container ( i love how it was on sale for $2.99 thanks 🙂 well tonight i made some rice and added the chili and OMG me and my son we in shock this was GREAT the spices we just right ( we like some heat and this had that!!!) my son keep saying YUMMY while eating LOL and he asked for seconds 🙂 well i dont send emails like this but i just wanted you to know what a great product you have and now we will be eating this a lot!!!

Thanks, your new fans……….


- Levine Family Love

I’ve recently found your product at Whole Foods (I live in Washington, DC) and I’m officially an ADDICT!! The black beans are out of this world, and I’ve been using them in so many different dishes!! Thank you for this amazing product 🙂

The Whole Foods I shop at only has the three sisters chili and the cuban black beans…now that I’ve visited your website I’ll be on the search for all the other flavors! I’ve been adding the black beans to everything, especially my morning eggs: 2 eggs, goat cheese, fresh jalapeno (I like a little kick!), squeeze of lime, and a few slices of avocado. I’m not a vegetarian, but have been eating a lot more vegetarian dishes with your beans! Also been adding the black beans to quesadillas, as a spread for a chicken sandwich, nachos, and as a dip with tortilla chips…really the possibilities are endless. I think the price point is fair too. Each container has been lasting me abut 5 days (if used every day!). Thanks again!!

- Lauren

We went to the Gluten Free Fest in San Diego a little over a week ago and stopped by your booth.  My very picky toddler really enjoyed your beans. In fact, he’s in front of me right now licking the recipe card we got from the festival and saying nom nom nom!  Needless to say we’ll be heading to the store shortly to get some of your products.

- Marites