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From how our ingredients are grown to how we impact the health of our customers, Better Bean Co is bettering the food system – one bean at a time.

Tasty food requires high-quality ingredients. Our ingredients come from organic or sustainable farms as they grow better flavor. Our recipes are naturally delicious, not relying solely on sodium, fat and sugar – or worse, chemical additives.

We use nutrient-rich ingredients that promote healthy lifestyles, never artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. We ship our products in BPA-free packaging to ensure they stay clean and healthy for our customers.

We support our regional farming community and source ingredients as close to production as possible. This helps us minimize the impact and cost of transporting ingredients long distances.

We became Benefit-Corporation certified because we’re dedicated to building a values-based business. We create a spiritually and financially rewarding work environment for employees. We strive for long-term relationships with suppliers, distributors and business partners. We prefer to do business with small, family-owned businesses to strengthen our communities.

We believe in sharing our love of beans and all their health benefits. Through our online, social media and event marketing we educate stakeholders and consumers about healthy eating, sustainable food cultivation and the nutrition, history and preparation of beans.

Our beans are fairly priced so that bean lovers can regularly enjoy our beans. We strive to make Better Beans accessible to everyone, changing lives for the better permanently!

We hold all these values in balance.

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Our Story:
A Better Bean is Born

Better Beans were born and raised in Portland Oregon:

created by Keith Kullberg and cultivated by the whole Kullberg family. As a young college student at Oregon State, Keith developed an original recipe for refried red beans. So deliciously nutritious, his beans became a monthly family favorite of his two daughters, Hannah and Brooke. While Keith loved taking a full weekend day to cook his red beans for his daughters, he always begrudged the fact that he couldn’t buy a tasty, ready-to-eat bean at the grocery store.

In 2009, while on a hike, inspiration struck Keith. “Everyone loves my beans.” He dove into bringing his delicious beans to market.

For Keith, canning his beans was just not an option. Inspired by fresh salsa and pasta, Keith put his beans in a tub and sold them fresh in the refrigerated section. In 2010, with the help of his daughters, Keith launched Better Beans in local stores and Portland area farmers markets; the community agreed: fresh beans were better.

Now sold nationwide, Keith and his daughters strive to realize their vision of bringing easy, tasty, healthy beans to everyone.

Change for Community Good

Following her father’s footsteps, Hannah Kullberg, became a bean advocate and began to play a bigger role in the company in 2011. The “Bean Queen,” as she’s known, brought the knowledge she gained from studying food systems at Vassar College to help Better Bean advance its sustainability mission.

Hannah helped usher the company through non-GMO verification and advocated on the local food policy council. She believes deeply in the power of business to make positive change. More recently, she gave birth to the next generation of bean believers, a baby boy named West – grown to a 10-pound birth weight on hundreds of tubs of Better Bean (a pregnant Bean Queen couldn’t get enough). Continuing the bean-loving tradition, West already has a favorite Better Bean: Cuban Black Beans, of course.

Hannah & Keith of Better Bean

What makes a better bean team?

Only a team of bean lovers could bring you Better Beans. It’s our goal to make it easy for you to enjoy beans every day. Everything we do is to bring back beans to the center of the table.

Meet Our Team

Keith Kullberg

Founder & President

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Emma Kokenge

National Sales Manager

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Courtney Meidenbauer

Marketing Specialist

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Jerry Adams

Director of Operations

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Pablo Perez

Production Manager

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