Better Bean swirl

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy and tasty for people to eat more beans!  Why?

We believe* bean consumption is good for public health.

  • Beans are a super food high in protein, fiber, minerals and B vitamins.
  • Beans are part of the Mediterranean diet which is linked to longevity.
  • Legumes are a common element in the Blue Zone diets which are linked to longevity.
  • We believe studies show a correlation between increased bean consumption and a reduction in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and weight. 
  • Beans offer a natural plant-based protein –not a bio-engineered meat/dairy substitute.

We believe* bean consumption is good for the environment.

  • The livestock industry generates a similar amount of greenhouse gas emissions as transportation in the United States. 
  • Beans produce about 10 times the protein per acre as livestock.
  • A family of four consuming a meat-centric meal produces about the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as driving a typical car 80 miles.
  • Just doing meatless Mondays can contribute to green house gas reduction.
  • Beans fix nitrogen in soil reducing the need for fossil fuel based fertilizers.

* These statements represent the beliefs and point of view of Better Bean. Online references on request.