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Are You Getting Enough Protein for Breakfast?


Oh boy, do I love starting my day with beans!

Beans taste delicious, satisfy my hunger and are one of the primary foods I rely on to fuel my mornings. In fact, halfway through my breakfast smoothie (which is also chock full of healthful ingredients) my body actually begins to crave beans. The reason is clear: being a mother of two and working full time to share Better Bean with the world, my body demands healthful food to keep me going; the protein and fiber in beans does just that.

The combination of protein and fiber is a low-glycemic power duo that gives me staying power. No crashes over here – I don’t have time for them!

Bonus: eating beans for breakfast regularly means you are getting in your daily fiber, which helps support gut health and keeps you regular – nothing slows you down and saps your energy like a heavy gut!

Furthermore, research also shows that adding a serving of protein to your morning meal can help you shed pounds, especially if you ditch the added sugars and sweeteners found in many breakfast cereals, bars and fruit juices. Read more about weight loss with high protein diet and your body’s protein needs on Health Ambition.

We regularly hear from Better Bean fans who have discovered the benefits of adding beans to their morning meal:

“I LOVE your beans. Seriously, every morning when I wake up I eat scrambled eggs and spinach with a side of the Uncanny Refried Black Beans. That keeps me full all day long. There’s really nothing that comes close to how good your beans are, I can’t believe I’m not sick of them after eating them EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. I’ve lost a fair amount of weight since starting to eat breakfast, which is awesome.” –Erin

Here are 5 easy ways to add beans to your breakfast:

  • A bean and egg scramble
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Beans on toast
  • Folded into a veggie-filled omelet
  • Paired with an English muffin and avocado
  • Bean and quinoa bowl with avocado and salsa

Or, make my favorite go-to recipe: on-the-go egg and bean muffins. Here’s the recipe and bonus video!

I challenge you to eat beans for breakfast for a week – tell me, do you feel different? @betterbeanco @betterbeanqueen #betterbeans #beansforbreakfast

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