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Fall Back into Health


When the weather changes, the inevitable colds come, especially if we have little ones in our life! The best way to stay resilient and energized is by eating foods that boost our immune system. Sugar-filled & nutrition-less foods suppress your immune system.

This time of year, we want to enhance our diet with foods full of minerals and antioxidants. Lucky us, beans contain both! Beans have hefty amounts of a super-good-for-you micronutrient called polyphenol, they provide the antioxidants. Zinc is one of many minerals found in beans and is vital for our bodies immune systems to function in tip-top shape.

In addition to being able to defend against the colds and flus traveling around, we want to feel full of energy and creativity to tackle all of our fall goals before holiday season. The magnesium in beans helps foster an increase in memory and attention, and can reduce anxiety and depression. Iron, also found in good supply in beans, supports energy levels and overall well being. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which is almost as bad as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)!

Listen to Registered Dietitian, Rachel Brandeis explore other reasons beans support your overall health this fall!

What healthy habit are you going to add to your family’s routine this fall?

Let me know if you try beans for breakfast or add beans into your diet! I would love to know how you feel!

Here’s to a healthy fall and a long life filled with beans!


Hannah Kullberg, Bean Queen & Holistic Health Coach

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