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Better Bean swirl

Better Bean & Field Roast Demo


Learn about Better Bean’s Baked Beans Talking Points:

Learn how to peeling Field Roast Franks for demo:


Better Bean Baked Beans and Field Roast Frankfurters Demo
Thank you so much for doing the Baked Beans and Franks demo for us! Enclosed in your demo kit is:

  1. Standup sign about Better Beans Baked Beans
  2. Better Bean $1.00 off Coupons – To be given to customers at end of your conversation to close the deal to those who need a little help deciding to purchase the Baked Beans.
  3. Standup sign about Field Roast Frankfurters
  4.  A Field Roast hand-out card about the company

Baked Beans and Franks sample instructions:

  1. Baked Beans should be heated in Crock Pot device
  2. Remove casing from Franks and cut into thin rounds
  3. Frank rounds heated in skillet
  4. Place Baked Beans sample portion in serving cup
  5. With a spork, stab and place one round of Frank on top of Baked Beans

Better Bean Baked Bean talking points:

  • New product from Better Bean Co local maker of fresh ready to eat beans made in small batches with all real ingredients
  • They are slow-cooked white beans in a tangy tomato sauce
  • No refined sugar, sweetened only with maple syrup and molasses
  • Vegan, Gluten-Free & non-GMO verified

Field Roast Frankfurters talking points:

  • At Field Roast we believe real is better than fake.
  • Old World-style vegetarian frankfurters with real ingredients and uncomplicated good cooking techniques.
  • Grill, sauté, steam in oven or even microwave.