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Bean Lover : Katie Cavuto, RD



Meet Katie Cavuto, MS, RD : Registered Dietitian, Chef and Mom

Based in Philadelphia, Katie is a wellness advocate, who believes that health is about more than what you eat. She aims to inspire people to live well through messages of self-love, food enjoyment, mindfulness and sustainable, conscious living. For recipes and wellness tips visit her blog

We connected to with her to ask her why she loves beans!!

Q: Why do you love beans?

A: What’s not to love! Beans are so nourishing! Packed with fiber, plant-based protein and a slew of nutrients, beans are inexpensive, versatile and a great way to decrease the amount of animal protein on your plate and remain super satisfied.

Q: What is your favorite bean — or legume — because we love all the pulses!?

A: Eeek. It is hard to choose! I love the simplicity of lentils as you can cook them up quickly! As for beans, it is seriously so hard to choose. The creaminess of cannellini beans is so appealing though navy beans tend to be a go to in many of my recipes. I love the flavor profiles that often pair with black beans and garbanzo beans rock. From hummus to roasting them into a munchy, crunchy snack—need I say more!


Q: How does your family typically enjoy beans? AKA what is your go-to bean-based meal?

A: We love hummus and a variety of bean based dips, tossing beans into soups and stews, Mexican EVERYTHING, and simply snacking on Better Bean varieties. I am a comfort food junky so any one-pot meal with a slew of vegetables and beans is a winner to me.

Q: What is your favorite bean-based meal?

A: I love this cassoulet — the root vegetables and savory flavor profile seriously slays me. I am a huge fan of eggs and beans—the Holy Chipotle Bean Dip with sautéed greens, fresh diced tomato, eggs and some avocado is what dreams are made of!


Q: Do you have any memories of beans as a kid or from your family?

A: Hysterically, we had this joke that my mom-mom would hide a chickpea, or as she called them, chi-chi bean, in everything she made. It became a game—who could find the rouge chickpea in the lasagna…hahaha. There was always one!

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