We’ve been thinking.

We’ve been thinking about history and health and energy and longevity. We’ve been thinking about gastronomy. Cuisine. The art and practice of preparing good food, and how that can affect our mental acuity, our creativity, our productivity and even our mood. And as we were thinking about all of these things, one question kept gnawing at us: When exactly did it happen?

When did we all become so beguiled by the siren song of convenience and expediency that we drifted away from the simple, life-giving goodness of the bean? Was it the space race promises of instant orange juice and synthetic meals in a pill? The TV dinner? The drive-through? In short, when did we take our eye off the bean? When did we start taking this precious life-source-in-a-pod for granted?

We understand “busy” and the constraints of a twenty-four hour day. Maybe we can’t change the pace of our lives significantly. But one thing we can do: we can raise our expectations and our standards, and, at the very least, insist on freshly prepared gourmet beans made from the best culinary traditions. This small shift could have a huge impact, and therein lies our sense of mission: We, the Better Bean Company, exist to bring back beans, in all of their age-defying, cholesterol-reducing, cancer-fighting glory. And we’re doing it by making them as succulent and tempting as they are hearty and nutritious. We’re doing it with fresh, local ingredients and spices, and we’re doing it with gourmet recipes. Because these are not just beans.

These are Rethought Beans.