About Us

Keith Kullberg and daughter, Hannah

It all started when Keith Kullberg visited Ensenada, Mexico, on a break from studying engineering at Oregon State University. Ensenada, just over the border from the United States, is known for their Bean Cones—like an ice cream cone, but filled with refried beans! Keith’s young metabolism couldn’t get enough. He was curious what made them taste so delicious. As vegetarian, he was dismayed to learn that the secret was lard.

He returned to OSU in Corvallis, Oregon determined to reproduce the flavor—without animal products. What emerged are the Kullberg family refried beans. Why he chose to cook his refried beans with red beans rather than the classic pinto, we are still unsure. What drove him to pour the Pepperoncini juice into his pot, we may never know—but what developed was magic!

Thirty years later he decided to share his recipe with the world, and founded the Better Bean company. Keith reproduced his original recipe using all-natural, quality ingredients. Rather than using jarred Pepperoncini—which contain preservatives and fake coloring—we use fresh jalapeños. Instead of tomatillo salsa, we now peel pounds of fresh tomatillos for each batch of beans. With these fresh ingredients, some of which we source locally in the Pacific Northwest, the recipe flourished into the beans we know and love today!

We consider beans an essential element of fine and healthy cuisine. For too long people have only had the choice between buying inferior canned beans or spending hours in the kitchen cooking beans from scratch. Now, we bring you beans the way they were meant to be – freshly prepared beans that rival the quality and flavor of the best restaurant or home cooked dishes.

  • All natural – no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives.
  • Local. Our beans and many other ingredients sourced from NW farms.
  • Freshly-prepared and refrigerated. Not canned.
  • Skillet sautéed in high oleic safflower oil for rich authentic flavor.
  • Vegan. Gluten and Soy Free.
  • Premium ingredients including organic beans and high oleic safflower oil.
  • Innovative recipes from Mexico, Cuba, Italy, Spain and France.
  • Outstanding flavor!

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